Guest Book Entries

Guest Book

Here’s what some previous guests had to say about their stay and experiences at Highgate Lodge House

“Had a wonderful time. House superb – pool & pool room well used. View terrific. Bonus was QE2 sailing past.”
“Superb house – plenty of room for young children to run around in. Great facilities and beautiful place. All in all a fantastic weekend – very relaxed and informal.”
“Wonderful house – Wonderful views – PERFECT!!!”
“Wonderful place, wonderful space, wonderful time! Excellent location for a family celebration! And NO RAIN over the weekend!”
“Made good use of the swimming pool (highlight of the kids holiday!) and the pool table. Thank you”
“What a great holiday I’ve had, really nice house and it’s been fantastic seeing all the family together. Everything the house has to offer has been great and I think everyone has enjoyed themselves. Thank you for letting us all use your home, it has been wonderful.”
“Great home, view is WOW amazing”
“Rockin weekend Brill”
“Lovely big house, well kitted out, kids had great fun so did we. Views wonderful, thank you for your warm welcome.”
“Absolutely wonderful house. Brochure and (sic. old) website don’t do it justice! Perfect setting. We all had an absolutely brilliant Christmas here. Everything great – pool, sauna, pool room, ping pong table & lots of extras & special touches that have made it a memorable and first rate Christmas. Thank you very much.”
“Had a wonderful time. Hope you’re able to have us all another time. The perfect end to the old year, kids have had a ball. Many thanks.”
“Appreciated the warm welcome. Lovely setting with great facilities. Pool, pool table and fishing rod well-used due to the weather! Great golf course with beautiful views. We’ll be back!”