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Finish BBQ Hut – All Year Round BBQ’s

Nestling in the secluded wooded area of the garden is the Finish BBQ Hut, providing a relaxing space where you can cook, eat, drink or just chill out in the woods.

Much like a Tardis, the BBQ Hut looks small outside, but is quite big enough inside for all your guests. The clever Fins realised that with their often poor weather that the only way they would enjoy a night round the BBQ was to have it indoors and hence the BBQ Hut was born.

As the light dims, and silence falls in the wood, the BBQ Hut adopts a different personality and becomes your private space in the woods, you can hear a leaf drop an owl hoot and sometimes, if you’re really quiet, see a deer in the woods behind the BBQ Hut.

It’s a magic place, It’s fun, it’s all weather accessible, and its a different experience.